10 Ways to Make Learning Math Easy

Math is not as complicated and scary as it appears. In fact, it is the only subject that you would find the easiest and might become your highest-scoring subject once you get a grip on it. Also, math is the one subject that will benefit you long after school is gone. So please don’t take it for granted and learn ways to make yourself a master in math. Consider the following tips to get along with math quickly:

Practice makes the man perfect

Nothing worthwhile comes easily, and a strong understanding of mathematics is no exception. Understanding math is a skill that will only improve with repeated practice, so utilize your leisure time to work on equations, math exercises, and fundamental arithmetic. The more you practice math, the more you will become good at it. This is one of the most important pieces of advice for math students. Consider it and see the difference yourself.

Focus on the concepts rather than processes

Math is a linear subject in which you can not jump to the other equation without fully comprehending the first one. Therefore, if all you know about an equation is how it works, it will be more difficult for you to see how it fits into future math problem-solving.

According to a study done by the Cognitive Science Society, Students who utilized the method of “problem-solving first” are said to have consistently aced the students who studied the mathematical solution before attempting to solve the problem with it. Because doing so would let the students more easily recognize the logic underlying the math problem and the processes involved in addressing it if they first understood the problem before learning the answer. Therefore, instead of remembering the procedure, try to focus on the concepts to understand it and the reasoning of each solution.

Use concrete, real-life examples

Mathematical solutions can be quite abstract, making them difficult for you to recall and comprehend. Hence, we would suggest you try applying a math solution to a real-life everyday situation familiar to you. Doing so will help you learn arithmetic quickly and in a more interesting way.

To improve your math skills, quickly find a problem in your daily life and try solving it. For instance: 

  • Calculating the chances of winning a lottery ticket
  • translating recipe amounts from the imperial system to metric measurements
  • calculating how far you can drive with half a tank of gas in your automobile

Analyze your blunders

Solving math problems requires continuously trying different answers until you discover the right one that works. However, while you work on the math problem, review and evaluate your procedure to discover the errors if you receive an incorrect answer.

Following a step-by-step reviewing process to figure out your mistakes in your approach to the question is one of the most effective strategies to improve your skills and prevent repeating the same mistakes.

Make a list of all formulae

Even if not memorized, unconsciously seeing something enough times causes it to register in the brain’s memory. Hence, we would suggest you to write down all the math formulas in your network in one place. In addition, you can also make flashcards of all the equations and hang them up in your bedroom until you have the exams. 

Improve your math learning by using technology

Learning simple math online is now free, much faster, and easier thanks to helpful internet resources such as movies, books, online games, and interactive video lectures available on YouTube, for instance. In addition, having lectures uploaded online enables you to learn and solve efficiently as you can stop or replay the video to understand better, whether you’re learning simple math online or are trying to learn something complex. It does also help me with my math homework to do from scratch. 

Eliminate all doubts

In Math, it’s simple and very easy to become stuck on a question. Hence, if you get stuck anywhere, do not let the doubts fester; instead, address them the moment they arise. As soon as you clear out your uncertainties, the faster you will improve in those subjects. To eliminate your doubts, you can either look up to your class teachers, online applications, or a friend who is good at it. In fact, having such a friend to help would be the best idea as learning in your comfort zone will enable you to learn faster and efficiently.

Make your surroundings distraction-free

Math requires your undivided attention, so resist the urge to study in distracting places like TV lounges. Also, don’t try to multitask; focus on your work. Finding a place where you would not be interrupted or distracted by housework, food, or your cellphone is a key requirement for learning math rapidly. In addition, if you want assistance in your study, you can look up tools, such as tutoring programs and study strategies online. Doing so will enable you to find the appropriate technique to get the right results.

Quick math solutions

There are actions you may take to assist you in learning arithmetic rapidly and solving math problems quickly. First and foremost, you must write down any mathematical problems you are to encounter. Viewing the problem written on the page rather than performing it in your brain will unconsciously speed up the solving process of it because this will enable you to recognize the problem much quicker.

Also, to try solving problems faster, remembering basic shortcuts of multiplication and factoring comes in handy. Do not be afraid to utilize a calculator for time-consuming calculations, and keep practicing because that is what will make you perfect and faster at solving math problems.

Comprehend the derivation

You may believe that the derivation is unimportant for the exam, yet it is crucial for comprehension. Keep in mind that you can not always memorize a formula and not always should, though, in fact, comprehend its reasoning to get a better grip over it. Because if you only memorize it, there is a chance that you might not recall it when you actually need to apply it. Therefore, instead of memorizing the formula and substituting it with numbers, make sure the concepts are clear to you to remember.

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