To earn the right to buy these homes in the first place players must complete a task for the Jarl of the Hold. It’s important in those uses, though, and players should plan to hoard it instead of selling it as vendor trash. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. This village is located in the Whiterun Hold along the western border of The Reach.

The clay deposit lies to the east of the pier, where there is a small cut of land. When you search for stones you want to go to a query near your land. In other words, find a place near your land with a lot of white rocks. If you look closely toward the ground, you will find a pickaxe. Grab the pickaxe and you should start mining right away in that same place.

There is no fixed location or percentage for these drops but they are fairly frequent. This fort is located west of Riften along the river, halfway to the community Ivarstead. The second Forsworn camp is located within The Reach, situated in the Druadach Mountains northwest of Harmugstahl and Dragontooth Crater. Clay is primarily used to build and furnish homesteads, as well as Shrine bases, Smelters, Trophy bases, Planters and Walls. It may be cheaper to do it yourself, but you can make more by adventuring while they decorate than you hand over to them to decorate. When you’re finished, jump on the horse and go to Riverwood or Dawnstar, Morthal, etc.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could cut your own logs. Cutting wood at a chopping block produces firewood horizon zero dawn travel pack which isn’t the same thing. There are two separate steps to cutting logs, which makes afk farming logs impossible.

Two veins can be found in the rock surface behind the Barracks buildng.Half-Moon MillLumber mill to the north of Falkreath. Look behind the mass of uncut logs.Hall of the VigilantIsolated building in the south of Dawnstar. From the bottom of the path leading to the house, search the area to the right.Hlaalu FarmA small farm to the east of Windhelm. There is a vein next to the wheat field near the grindstone.IvarsteadThis is a small community to the east of Riverwood.

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