Wiki Conan Exiles How To Get Steel And Make Steel Bars

These bars are clearly important to crafting them into hardened material. Yet the other vital ingredient is Black Ice, which might require more effort for your traveling necessities. Black Ice can be found at the Frozen Slopes and the Temple of Frost, and depending on its prerequisite status for you, it might not be a mine-and-run effort.

In order to craft a steel bar, you’ll need to have a Cauldron and a Furnace. A furnace can be made with 540 pieces of stone, whereas a Cauldron can be crafted with 50 iron bars and 25 twine. Once you’ve created these, let’s take a look at the process for making a steel bar. Mix Brimstone and Tar together in your Cauldron to make Steelfire. Now, place your 1 Steelfire and 5 Iron Bars into the furnace alongside some fuel, likes coal or branches. To make the Steel, you need to make the steel fire by putting brimstone and tar in to cauldron.

It is named as a semi-finished casting product in the life-cycle of steel production. These steel ingots are additionally diminished to completed shapes and essentials by hot rolling. The Steel Ingot is an item added by refresh all tabs the Immersive Engineering mod. It can be used for most of the blocks and items from Immersive Engineering or another mods, which needs Steel Ingot. It can be produced by Blast Furnace from 1 iron ingot and a Coal Coke.

Iron ingots can be primarily obtained by smelting iron ore in a furnace or blast furnace. However, they can also be found in temples, dungeons, and stronghold chests. Rarely, zombies and husks will drop items made of iron, due to them wearing iron armor or holding an iron tool, or just the iron ingot itself. You’ll get between 3-17 steel bars a kill, in a fraction of the time and earn experience as you do it. I quickly transitioned to this method and began piling up stacks of steel while also leveling my thrall and I.

Firstly, throw your Ironstone into the Furnace to create Iron Bars. Collect those, and the next step will involve Tar and Brimstone. Brimstone can be found at various locations (Shattered Springs, Buccaneer Bay, Gallaman’s Tomb, to name a few). For the most considerable discount, Garrison Blacksmith Benches cut the costs of crafting by half. In addition, all three benches have 40 slots to the standard Blacksmith Bench’s 20 slots. But be careful, there are some wild animals up there and the valuable iron is needed by all players on the server gladly dismantled.

Steel is made by putting Brimstone and Tar into a Cauldron making Steel Fire. Then place the Steel Fire and Iron Bars into a furnace together. Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game set in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian. Please check if there are posts that match all the below criteria. Conan Exiles is developed by Funcom and recently just got an expansion in the Isle of Siptah.

I’ll make sure my weapon and pick are the highest tier I can do and keep some of those bars on me for repairs cuz the damage and extra resources are totally worth it. But for things like the sickle, ax and skin knife I may keep a lower tier because they’re easier to repair. There are specific places in parts of the world map from where you can collect brimstone.

Now you need to put the iron bars and steel fire into the furnace. A steel bar is a metal bar refined through the Smithing skill by smelting one iron ore and one coal together, either using a furnace or the Superheat Item spell. Smelting a steel bar requires a Smithing level of 20 and grants 3 Smithing experience. Let it be known that from the steel bars you can make more powerful thing, the hardened steel bar. This can be made in the furnace with two steel bars and a piece of brimstone.

To craft Hardened Steel in Conan Exiles, you’ll need a Furnace, Cauldron, Fluid Press, and Tannery. Then, craft a furnace with 540 pieces of stone and mix the Steelfire with x5 Iron Bars. Conan Exiles may be a few years old but it still has a very active community and new players start all the time. Hopefully, they’ll find this information as useful as I did. There’s a much simpler way and you can do it as early as you unlock the steel recipe. Stone Consolidant Place 2 ichor and 5 pieces of twine into a firebowl cauldron to create 5 stone consolidants.

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