4 Types of Garage Doors You Must Know About

Garage doors are a necessity for any building; they allow access to not only cars but also help with loading and unloading things in a commercial setting. When it comes time to choose a garage door for your building, you need to be aware of all the different options available.

Armed with this knowledge, you can navigate the world of garage doors with confidence, ensuring that the door you choose is not only a perfect fit for your needs but also for your budget. It really depends on you; if you need a garage door for your home or your business, the options are endless. 

1. Garage Doors for Homes

When it comes to your home, your garage door plays a pivotal role in protecting your vehicle from potential break-ins and vandalism. Your vehicle will be protected in your garage from the sun beating down on it and from any other mishap that might occur to it. 

You can choose a garage door from a company that offers Residential Garage Door Sales. The type of garage door you choose will depend upon your aesthetic requirements and budget. You can either go with a sectional garage door, or you can opt for a roll-up garage door.  

2. Heavy-Duty Commercial Use

In a commercial setting, a garage door provides access to all kinds of vehicles, such as cars, forklifts, and flatbeds alike. These garage doors are operated multiple times a day and sometimes left open for hours. In such a setting, there is a need for a garage door that is heavy-duty and power-efficient.

You can get in touch with a business that offers commercial garage doors for commercial use to discuss your requirements and dimensions and come up with the best solution possible for you. However, it is best to choose a garage door that exceeds your requirements to ensure smooth daily operation.

3. Traditional Garage Doors

There are multiple options when it comes to traditional garage doors. There are sectional garage doors that consist of different sections that are all connected with each other with the help of hinges. These doors, when they open, travel along the rails to clear the way.

The other main option is roll-up garage doors; these garage doors use a drum and powerful springs to roll up the garage door when you open it. They are best suited for settings where there is not a lot of headroom in the garage for the garage door mechanism. 

4. Modern Glass Window Designs 

Most modern buildings are opting for garage door designs with glass windows in them. There are many reasons for you to choose this type of garage door, but there are also some limitations to these types of garage doors, such as security risks. 

Garage doors with glass windows offer excellent lighting for your garage or in your shop without the garage door being open; they also look the part and give your building a contemporary look. However, these are all sectional, so you will need some headroom in your garage to allow the door to fold up. 

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