For whom to start playing World of Warcraft Dragonflight

At the end of November, Blizzard released another major Dragonflight update. In which the system of professions was significantly reworked, new locations and a new race were added. The level cap has been increased to 70.

There are several ways to get to the new maximum level:

Strictly follow the quest system and start going to the dungeons

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You have probably heard that two factions are fighting in the world of Azeroth – the Horde and the Alliance, but if earlier the Horde faction had a number of advantages, mostly territorial, now the situation is absolutely parity and it is worth choosing solely on internal and visual sympathies. The new Draktyr race is not faction specific.


The race should be chosen based on personal preferences and sympathy for one of the factions.



  • Draktyr
  • Warrior
  • Mage
  • Hunter
  • Rogue
  • Druid


New race and two classes to choose from – caster and healer. Both classes are tied to the appearance and all the abilities of dragons.

Draktyr the caster can attack the enemy from a long distance and since the class has just been added to the game, it will be a pleasure to play on it until it is calibrated and balanced.

The Draktyr Healer has a high level of mobility and some strong AoE heals. There is always a shortage of healers, so if you like to help, and not take all the effort on yourself and stand behind your back, then a new class and race is ideal.


A tough and offensive class that can deal heavy damage to one or more targets and in some situations can act as a tank – which keeps strong targets on itself, preventing them from attacking allies.

Warrior is one of the most common classes – due to the variation of skills, he can quickly destroy monsters and quickly level up, he is always useful in a raid and will not let himself be offended in PVP due to a lot of debilitating and stunning skills.


One of the most difficult but spectacular classes.

The mage is mana dependent and due to low health and armor can die in a matter of seconds if he lets the enemy get too close. But at the same time, the magician destroys enemies with the same speed due to strong single and mass skills. A mage’s combination of offensive spells is called a procast.

The fire mage will deal additional damage by burning the target for a short period of time.

The Ice Mage will apply chilling effects that will reduce the main stats of the enemy and slow them down.


The master of beasts and a long-range shooter – it all depends on the chosen direction of development.

The Beastmaster tames strong animals that fight at his side. The character is always in demand in raids and strong in leveling – the difficulty can arise in the ability to control your pet, move correctly and keep it away from dangers and treat the game as if you control two characters at once, and not one.

The archer strikes targets with a bow or musket and sets various traps that disorient, slow and poison the enemy.

A hunter with a bow or musket will always be accepted into the raid, as he will be able to inflict huge damage on the boss from a long distance without risking his life if he is attentive and careful. Has one of the strongest damage in the game.


The Dagger and Stealth Assassin is a great class for those who like to get close to their target and inflict maximum damage. A counterclass for flimsy mages and healers, but you need to be careful – the rogue also quickly dies from magic as he deals with his carriers. You should be more careful with warriors and tanks – natural evasion depends on luck and does not always save you from opponents with strong equipment.

Invisibility and strong poison and bloodletting attacks make the rogue a welcome guest in any raid and PVP.


The most versatile class that can take the form of an animal to gain buff effects.

If you choose a crow, you can scout the location and take off for a short period of time.

The bear will allow you to get strong and strong armor and a powerful attack with claws. The form is suitable in a raid, on the safety net of a tank and keeping targets on itself while the healer resurrects the tank.

Puma – speed and fast attacks. Useful form for hunting.

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