All About Elation EMR Software You Need To Know

About ElationEMR

Elation Health’s CEO and co-founder is Kyna Fong. Elation is a HIPAA-compliant, ONC-certified EHR that gives primary doctors and their practices the tools to deliver high-quality patient care. It allows for online consultations with scheduling updates and reminders, intake and check-in forms, filling out the chart, and automating the necessary steps to verify clients’ attendance and maximize each appointment. It also provides patients with a virtual care workflow that is seamless. It can be configured to record video or view the clients’ digital visibility and strengthen communication with your clients across all healthcare settings and make patient access to your clinic simple.

ElationEMR is a cloud-based health-centered digital health record system for practitioners seeking an ONC-ATCB certified EMR, client scheduling, E-prescribing, and a patient portal, E-faxing, and e-prescribing. It can be accessed through a web browser on a Mac or PC. Health professionals can receive and share client details, lab tests or evaluations, referrals to professionals, and any other healthcare provider collaboration. It eliminates the need for double data entry and guarantees that all data is accurate and up to date. Elation also offers Zoom-powered telehealth.

Top Elation EMR Features

Electronic prescriptions

Electronic prescription capabilities are another popular feature of the Elation EMR system. The software has been certified by the EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances), enabling professionals to safely create and deliver online prescriptions. EPCS guarantees that the appropriate drugs are given to the appropriate people at the appropriate times. Medication, drug, and writing mistakes are all reduced, resulting in better medical outcomes. Because of its online presence, Elation EMR is one of the best EMRs for urgent care.

Doctors may also be able to digitally refill prescriptions, making the care procedure simpler. For pharmacies, authorities, and customers, the feature allows prescription operations to be more effective, safe, and cost-effective. During the Elation EMR demo, this functionality should be thoroughly examined.


The application comes with a plethora of extensive reports and charting tools. It comes with a set of pre-built frameworks that customers can quickly customize to meet their specific requirements. The templates also help therapists comply with certain coding and regulative requirements, enabling them to record client encounters faster. You could simply spend less time documenting and more time focusing on improving your clients’ medical outcomes.

The charting component of the program starts the billing process and keeps track of the overall client visit. You’ll be able to automate your billing processes as well as complete all of your paperwork and recording tasks. Not only that but the healthcare templates can be set up to fill out the meeting form automatically.

Three Pane View

The Elation EMR comes with a long list of functions and advantages. The software offers a three-view of a patient’s medical records. Doctors can work more efficiently and effectively with this. They can also look at the patient’s medical history and treat both chronic and acute issues. In addition, Elation EMR is safe and simple to use. The software has an easy-to-use interface. Its users love how simple the software is to use and how well it facilitates collaboration.

Patient Portal

Elation’s customer platform has a lot of features that customers like. As per Elation EMR evaluations, clients and physicians can communicate in a safe, HIPAA-compliant manner. It also keeps track of a client’s medical history, current medications, immunizations, test results, diagnoses, and other details. Customers can obtain the information they require via the online platform in a safe manner. Clients can use this user-friendly client interface to make appointments, request medicine refills, pay bills, and view statements. This reduces workplace disruptions and saves both money and time for your employees.

Clients are also not required to wait until business hours to communicate with practitioners about their issues. They can use this Cloud Based EMR Software function from anywhere as long as they have internet service. Clinicians can use this customer portal feature to inspire client communication. They can call the service right away to get important data about the latest market legislation and incentive programs. You’ll be able to handle everything while also boosting your employees ‘ productivity effectively.

ElationEMR Substitute – Centricity EMR

The GE Centricity EHR system is intended to manage electronic health records in larger medical practices. To complete multiple functions at the same time, you can seamlessly integrate the structure with revenue cycle management and practice management software.

Centricity medical software offers healthcare workers a variety of comprehensive options that can help them improve their efficiency. Centricity EMR is used by many clinics and hospitals around the world. Many features in the software assist health practitioners in streamlining their workflow. To know more about the software, you can go through Centricity EHR reviews.

Elation EMR Reviews

Elation EHR is praised for its user-friendly interface. It is user-friendly and has fewer bugs than other medical software, according to users. They are astonished at how everything is set up exactly how they want it, saving them energy and time. Users, on the other hand, recommend that the EMR supplier release frequent software updates.

Last few words!

Elation EMR proves that not all EHRs are created equal. The software aids you in completing complex tasks that consume a significant amount of your time. It streamlines administrative, medical, and billing tasks, allowing you to focus on the value of patient care you provide. As a result, Elation healthcare software is the finest option if you want to enhance your patient outcomes. You can take advantage of its free trial to see all of the 

advantages this EMR system has to offer your healthcare practice.

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