Career Dilemma: What To Expect In The Fast Food Industry

The fast food chain industry has steadily grown due to rising demand for on-the-go snacks and prepared meals. A lot of people consider working in this industry as their first job. It may be very challenging, but many companies show their appreciation for the effort that their employees put in by giving dedicated workers more benefits. These may include paying for higher education and health benefits. Now, for you to make a more informed decision, this article will help you identify the pros and cons of working in the fast food chain industry.

Pros of a Fast Food Chain Employee:

1. Tips

Tips are seen as gratuities that customers give to employees. This is often given when the customer is satisfied with the effort or the services provided by the employee. Tips are automatically owned by the service worker, such as waiters. Often, it composes a significant part of their income.

In some cultures, tipping is mandatory, and a minimum amount is prescribed. However, customers may tip more if they like how they were treated and served in the establishment.

Maintaining a good attitude is the best way to keep your customers happy. They say, “A smile goes a long way,” which is true in this industry. This is a good start in establishing a connection with your customer because they will feel valued and understood. Applying these may increase customer retention and loyalty which is also beneficial for the company.

2. Discounted food

If you enjoy fast food, discounted food might be a very enticing factor. As you are already working in the industry, you may get one meal every shift and discounts for availing your products. Since lunches are provided in the workplace, it helps you save money over time.

3. Good Work Experience

A fast food job will look great on your resume. In reality, you will learn a lot of valuable work skills. The first one is interpersonal skills. In the fast food industry, you will interact with your co-workers, and you must communicate effectively with them to ensure smooth operations. Also, empathizing with customers improves their experience, which will reflect well on your next application. The second work skill is the ability to deal with pressure. This enhances your quick and critical thinking ability. In a fast-paced work environment like the fast food industry, you must make decisions on the spot and meet the customers’ needs.

Cons as a Fast Food Chain Employee:

1. Rude customers

Karens, am I right? Rude customers are inevitable, not only in the fast food industry. These people test your patience and may affect your mental and emotional health. This is a good training ground for you to learn how to manage the situation and resolve it in a positive light.

This roots in the stigma that fast food workers are often looked down on because they have low incomes and a repetitive work cycle. However, this isn’t an excuse for someone to step on you because what’s important is you recognize your worth and noble work.

2. Low wages

Since a fast food job is considered an entry-level job, it pays low wages. The job doesn’t require formal education due to its nature, so anyone can work immediately. Yes, the industry has a high employee turnover rate, meaning jobs are always available. However, the cost of living continues to rise, so working here might not be sustainable for you in the long run.

3. Physically demanding

This may probably be the worst aspect of a worker in the fast food service industry. You will need to move and stand for long periods. Since work is repetitive, it may also affect your productivity because you might feel stuck in your career. For example, if you are a waiter/waitress, you have to go back and forth from the kitchen to the customers and vice versa. Considering the sudden influx of customers in the rush periods, you might have to exert more effort.

The best thing to do is plan ahead. As mentioned earlier, you will have to work on your feet, so it is essential to wear comfortable footwear. You could eat and drink water before your shift to keep you energized. Companies provide breaks within shifts, which you use to unwind and recharge. Also, while working, stretching can prevent muscle cramps and feel strained.


Every industry has its advantages and disadvantages. The fast-food industry has a dynamic and fast-paced workplace. Choosing where to work is a major decision and knowing what to expect in a job is the key to making an informed decision. Still, it is up to you to define your future, but you won’t know if you choose the proper one until you start working. The best thing you can do is educate yourself on the job description to increase your chances of getting in and working effectively.

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